Is it a coincidence that Ned and Catelyn have five “trueborn” children, and thus, with their parents make a family of seven? I don’t think so. Can we map them? Perhaps not so easily, but we can make guesses:
Father and Mother – these two are easy enough because they are so darn straightforward. Warrior – can there be any doubt it is Robb? Maid? The same must be said of Sansa. That leaves Crone, Smith and Stranger. There is only one female left – what does Arya tell us about the nature of the Crone or vice versa – surely she seeks wisdom and many of her decisions demonstrate wisdom. There is much and more here to study. That leaves Bran and Rickon – and the Smith and the Stranger. Rickons anger, his un-know-a-bility, his angry black direwolf lead me to the conclusion he represents the Stranger. Bran – ever blocked in his desire to be a warrior must somehow learn to build. I read some promo note about “the Wall is broken” in book 6. That would be something different – and who better than Bran the builder (little b) to restore it?