The Horcrux Citizen begs to inform that work has been very busy and in spite of running into several interesting tidbits he hasn’t made time to relay the information.

Here is the first of that relaying. Heather on mysapce pointed out this interesting article on Unplottable suggesting McGonnagal might be a DeathEater.

 The theory is long and well written. It suggests that McGonnagal is a sort of anti-Snape. Where he “acts bad but is in fact good” she acts like she is on the right team when she really isn’t.

 I don’t think it is going that way, but resist the impulse to write off any possibility. I put it in the range of 10:1-20:1. It would certainly be up to JKs standards to surprise us that way, after all this time. I think the moment in the books that seals it for me is during the astrology owl in book 5 when she wades into a hail of stunners (some coming from people we know to be Death Eaters) to help Hagrid. It is an interesting read.