I think I have read the Song of Ice and Fire enough times to put on my prognosticating hat. Since it isn’t really possible to prognosticate Harry Potter any more, and since I bet an awful lot of the Song of Ice and Fire readers were Harry Potter readers I hope they will forgive me that I repurpose this blog to something I can prognosticate about. hehehe

Horcrux City was a site for musing about Book 7, based on clues in books 1-6, comments from JK Rowling and even from pure speculation.

We are not literary experts, critics or analysts. We just like the Harry Potter series and like a few other people out there are oddly obsessive about all things Harry Potter.

Horcrux City is a blog devoted exclusively to speculation on the upcoming Book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I greatly respect the editorial writers on  Mugglenet.com and on other sites, but I often believe they are too focused on the mechanics of magic and too little focused on the literature, and on the literary style I believe JK Rowling has chosen to use.

I welcome comments – although since I am not terribly adept yet at Word Press, I’m not sure whether you have to register to post comments. I would also welcome posts or offers to become an author for those who want to publish their own speculation on book 7, but I do want to confine this particular blog to that subject only.

To say this yet another way, JK Rowling has offered plenty of clues, not to mention many hundreds of pages of fascinating text, which point to where she is likely to go with the story. As long as I am patiently waiting for the last book in this series which I have enjoyed so immensely, I see no strong reason not to exercise my imagination, just as so many others have and are exercising theirs to try to guess what she has in store for us.

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