July 2012

Is it a coincidence that Ned and Catelyn have five “trueborn” children, and thus, with their parents make a family of seven? I don’t think so. Can we map them? Perhaps not so easily, but we can make guesses:
Father and Mother – these two are easy enough because they are so darn straightforward. Warrior – can there be any doubt it is Robb? Maid? The same must be said of Sansa. That leaves Crone, Smith and Stranger. There is only one female left – what does Arya tell us about the nature of the Crone or vice versa – surely she seeks wisdom and many of her decisions demonstrate wisdom. There is much and more here to study. That leaves Bran and Rickon – and the Smith and the Stranger. Rickons anger, his un-know-a-bility, his angry black direwolf lead me to the conclusion he represents the Stranger. Bran – ever blocked in his desire to be a warrior must somehow learn to build. I read some promo note about “the Wall is broken” in book 6. That would be something different – and who better than Bran the builder (little b) to restore it?

This prediction seems like an easy one to make, Gendry embodies the essence of the Smith. And since Martin likes to use well understood themes, I feel fairly certain Gendry will reforge the sword that was broken – will – I don’t know – get spell support or learn the spell from Thoros, or Melisandre, or the dragon fire will be needed, or both of the above. However the details work out, Gendry will reforge Ice from the two pieces Tywin Lannister broke it into. And it will be the true flaming sword that Jon Snow will wield as Azor Ahai reborn. Will he have to temper it in Melisandre? Daenerys? Arya? I’m sure I don’t know.

I think I have read the Song of Ice and Fire enough times to put on my prognosticating hat. Since it isn’t really possible to prognosticate Harry Potter any more, and since I bet an awful lot of the Song of Ice and Fire readers were Harry Potter readers I hope they will forgive me that I repurpose this blog to something I can prognosticate about. hehehe