October 2006

The Horcrux Citizen begs to inform that work has been very busy and in spite of running into several interesting tidbits he hasn’t made time to relay the information.

Here is the first of that relaying. Heather on mysapce pointed out this interesting article on Unplottable suggesting McGonnagal might be a DeathEater.

 The theory is long and well written. It suggests that McGonnagal is a sort of anti-Snape. Where he “acts bad but is in fact good” she acts like she is on the right team when she really isn’t.

 I don’t think it is going that way, but resist the impulse to write off any possibility. I put it in the range of 10:1-20:1. It would certainly be up to JKs standards to surprise us that way, after all this time. I think the moment in the books that seals it for me is during the astrology owl in book 5 when she wades into a hail of stunners (some coming from people we know to be Death Eaters) to help Hagrid. It is an interesting read.

In other posts, the elemental associations of the houses, and the colors JKR associates with the houses and elements have been outlined – I believe we will see a parallel association with the 4 remaining Horcruxes. Harry and Dumbledore named two of the items: Slytherin’s Locket and Hufflepuff’s Cup, and additionally the snake Nagini has been named as a likely horcrux. I don’t mind being led by the nose by the author. =)

I see a sort of association grid:

Earth Hufflepuff Yellow/Black Cup
Air Ravenclaw Blue/Canary ??Ravenclaw’s something??
Fire Gryffendor Red/Gold Snake?
Water Slytherin Green/Silver Locket Underground Lake

You see that I assume the water association with Slytherin and the locket was reflected in the location – a lake, in a cave, at the ocean. What do I think this means for the final volume of the series? I’m going to let my guesses take over here.

The locket: I gues I buy the “locket is at Grimmauld Place” thinking and believe Harry will realize this and return to the house he inherited form Sirius. I expect this to happen sometime after school has resumed at Hogwarts because of the following plot elements I expect to play into it. RAB, as many many before me have speculated, is Regulus Black, and, to paraphrase what I’ve read – I can’t remember where now – that he penetrated the lakes protection similarly to Dumbledore with Harry as a helper – he took Kreacher as his helper – Kreacher who didn’t register as a wizard in the boat the same way Harry didn’t register. Regulus then compelled Kreacher to drink the noxious potion so he could retrieve the locket. Someone – Ron, Harry or Hermione, will think of RAB being Regulus and Harry will summon Kreacher and learn this story (or perhaps he will learn legilimancy and use it as DD did in his search). Learning what happened, he will want to know about the locket, which Kreacher will have squirreled away. Unless mundungus stole it. hehehe

I don’t think this is the first one we will see however, I believe that will either be the air or earth horcrux.

The air horcrux, the something of Ravenclaw’s whatever it is (for some reason, lots of folk seem to gravitate towards it being a tiara). Just as the water horcrux was hidden in the middle of a body of water – I expect the air horcrux will be hidden in – the air, either at a remote mountain peak (I think this is the more likely possibility) or in an enchanted floating place (how fun would that be?). In either case, Harry will need to use his broom flying/quidditch skills to make it through this trial. I also expect that this horcrux will turn out to be guarded by (a) dragon(s). Not the baby, we saw in book one, which prefigures bth the one in book 4 and the one I postulate in book 7, not the mother dragon, powerful and dangerous though she is, but an ancient, uber powerful grand stallion of a dragon (what are boy dragons anyway?). Will Harry have help? I think he will – from not only Ron and Hermione, but also from Charlie Weasley, Viktor Krum (flyer extraordinaire) and perhaps from some others.

The earth horcrux – Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup, is associated, by virtue of its earth element, with wealth, a clue that leads me to think this one is hidden – well not qutie in plain sight, but perhaps somewhere we have heard of so often and haven’t given too much consideration – Gringott’s Wizarding Bank. As Hagrid says, “nowhere better to keep something saf than Gringott’s, except for perhaps Hogwarts, because you’d have to be crazy to try to steal something from it. We know from book 1 that Voldemort somehow has access to the Gringott’s underworld – I don’t begin to speculate – but I think this is where the goblin I mentioned believing will come into the story (in the Magical Friends post) makes his appearance. Besides Ron and Hermione, who else might help Harry – I’m drawn to the goblin, Bill Weasley (Gringott’s insider), and – yes – I think he makes a return – Ludo Bagman (his yellow and black striped Wasps uniform is too obviously Hufflepuffy for me to ignore).

Assuming these three are plausible, that leaves the Snake Nagini – Snake/Slytherin should be tied to water but I think Harry is likely to encounter Nagini and voldemort at the same time, in the final battle near the end of the book. Fire will appear as a set piece or an environment for the last of all battles we will see in the series. I’m not sure I beleive it will happen at Hogwarts, as lots of folks sugest, but I do think it will be a battle royale with ust about every good guy we’ve ever met and lots of fair to middlin ones as well in a rolling 3-5 chapter festival of spellwork winnowing down from a big crowd to a select few, which will include besides Harry, Ron and Hermione, the other 3 scrappy fighters – Luna, Ginny and Neville, an assortment of Order of the Phoenix members and – at the last – Fawkes who will replace Hedwig (after Voldemort has killed her) as Harry’s pet and emblem, symbol of his new role as rightful leader of the Order of the Phoenix.

Some further notes on people in their archetype – the colors and elements I’ve named above lead me to assign archetypes to a lot of characters – after re-readeing the books too many times. I’ll include that as an annex here. I want to emphasize that I believe a lot of people are sorted into houses which are different from their archetypes, but their archetype shows through. (I don’t mean for this to be exhaustive but it focuses on the characters I’ve been thinking appear in the horcrux battles)

Gryffendor, Red/Gold, Fire: Ron Weasley, Viktor Krum, Ginny Weasley, Hagrid, Fawkes
Ravenclaw, Blue/Canary, Air: Hermione Granger, Fleur DeLaCouer, Firenze, Fred and George Weasley, Madeye Moody
Hufflepuff, Yellow/Black, Earth: Neville Longbottom, Ludo Bagman, Molly Weasley
Slytherin, Green/Silver, Water: Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Dobby

How’s that for some crazy thinking?

  1. Alexandra Says:
    Mmm… I’ve already stated numerous times how I don’t think Nagini could be an Horcrux. Moreover, I see snakes tied to either earth or water (which would bring us back to Slytherin), certaintly not fire.I do love how you imagined the locket story to evolve, though: Kreacher would indeed be the optimal helper of RAB in his Horcrux-stealing expedition. And do we know if the house elf was that weird at the time of RAB? Sirius seems to treat him as if he always was a weirdo, but he could simply hate Kreacher for what he represents: the last remaining living testimony if how much he despised his family. Kreacher’s mind might very well have been fumbled by the awful potion DD drank in the cave: Dumbledore was seriously under after drinking it and he’s the greatest wizard of his time, the potion might have been fatal to other beings…

    I also like the Gingotts possibility.

  2. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    Thanks for adding your thoughts Alexandra – do you have a notion of what the fire/Gryffendor (or other) horcrux might be?
  3. ch Says:
    2 horcruxes are destroyed
    1 is believed to be nagini that will be killed by harry
    another is the locket taken by regulus and kreacher and residing somewhere in the house of black
    the cup of hufflepuff is hidden some place. some of my ideas include room of requirement or hufflepuff desendants(z.smith? bones?) can sense it somehow.
    this leaves an object from ravenclaw. luna’s mom died in an “accidental” explosion durring her experiments. sounds too much like the the end of Mrs. smith of hafflepuff. my guess is voldemort was behind the death of luna’s mom and luna will tell harry something like. i recall my mom was kinda impartial to such and such object but we couldn’t find it after she died.
  4. Horcrux City » For the Record Says:
    […] First – elements. In an earlier post I’ve already described elements, houses and color associations. To recap: element house color tarot suit prime elemental association (tarot suit meaning) Fire Gryffendor Red/Gold Swords Power Water Slytherin Green/Silver Cups Love Earth Hufflepuff Black/Yellow Coins (pentacles) Fortune/Wealth Air Ravenclaw Blue/brown Wands(clubs/sticks) Wisdom […]
  5. Chris Says:
    Just talking about elements representing each horcrux/house; swords are forged in fire, well at least old ones will have been…
  6. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    It is a good point, and the sword would fit the general “needs all elements” feel for completion in the final book – just as all elements were run through in books 1 and 4, not to mention that it would match the tarot suit (see the tarot post).
  7. Chris Says:
    Sorry, what is that about the elements present in other books? Im new to this site =DAlso, I have heard of theorys saying Harry could be a horcrux… Any thoughts?
  8. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be confusing – besides this post, you’ll find more elaboration in these other two:Harry Potter Tarot and Elements Connection

    Horcruxes and Elements

  9. Chris Says:
    Just read the 5th and 6th books again… when they are clearing out 12 Grimauld place, they find an old locket, and throw it away… unless Kreacher stowed it away with the other possessions, or gave it to narcissa or her sister when he left the house in the 5th book…
  10. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    The Grimauld Place locket is often mentioned together with RAB as Regulus Black – based on a JKR quote soon after book 6 was released – something to the effect that one of the horcruxes had been mentioned in the books and careful re-readers would probably find it. I’ll be as excited to learn the answer as you are.
  11. Chris Says:
    Yeah.Im still intrigued by the thought that Gryfindors sword could be one though…

    … but if it was Dumbledore would have known this, and he would have told Harry.

  12. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    I’m not so sure Chris, Dumbledore says something to the effect that Voldemort learned more of Hogwarts secrets than just about any other students – but generally, I’m not inclined to think it will turn out that Gryfendor’s sword is a horcrux, maybe a 1 in 8 chance would be my thinking.On the other hand, the cover art that has been released makes me much more confident that I’m on the right track – the most recent – the box art from the US “deluxe” edition has the trio riding a dragon, and the British edition cover art has been widely interpreted as being a Gringotts vault.

    I’m getting awfully excited about the release. I was planning on pacing myself through the six books one more time – I spent from maybe late March till recently slowly going through the first 4 books, but halfway through five I started acting like it was the first time I read them – hardly wanting to put them down, pushing through very quickly.

  13. Chris Says:
    Haha, yeah. I have just read through the last to, in reverse order.If it is a horcrux though, and has not been destroyed, surely Harry would not have been able to wheild it and destroy the basilisk? I know it is an inanimate object, but I think it still seems strange. I also wonder though, were did Dumbledore actually get the sword? What interest in it could he possibly have?
  14. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    Good question, but first a comment about the notion that Harry wouldn’t be able to wield it – why not? He was able to hold the diary without harm. I think the curse from the ring came not from touching it, but from the “magic” required to destroy the “horcrux essense” of the object and thereby the fragment of Voldemort’s soul contained.But on how Dumbledore came upon the sword and his interest, several thoughts occur. One is that the Potter’s (or Dumbledore) are Gryfendor’s descendents – they did live, after all, in Godric’s Hollow – perhaps that is James’ family home. Perhaps Voldemort knew the sword was there and intended that it be the horcrux vessel the night he killed James and Lilly. Another thought is that perhaps it had been kept in the hogwarts headmaster’s office from ancient times.
  15. Chris Says:
    Yeah, but on the note of the diary, Voldemorts soul possessed Ginny. I know it was because she put her emotions into it etc… but I would expect more from the sword…
  16. Chris Says:
    YES!I knew the sword wasn’t a horcrux ;]

    But that tiara, really was missleading introducing the new one, when it was in the room of requirment all along….

  17. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    Right on Chris. Overall, I have to say I’m happy with my hit rate here. Definitely wrong on some counts but right enough times to make me happy. =)
  18. Chris Says:
    Haha, yeah. And going with the whole elements thing… Ravenclaws tower was the highest tower, and the Huppelpuff cup was right down in a vault… wonder if that was intentional??
  19. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    I hadn’t thought about ravenclaw tower, but I have to think it was. How would I ever get JKR to answer that question?
  20. Chris Says:
    Hmmmm, well apparently an encyclopedia is coming out with everything in it, including stuff that didnt make it into the books…(I have so many questions, which i THOUGHT would have been answered in the last book)…
  21. John Says:
    I would have sworn that Gryffindor tower was tallest!But, yeah. I was sure that Gryffindor’s sword wasn’t a horcrux.
  22. Chris Says:
    Ravenclaw is the tallest cos int that where they do astronomy??xx
  23. John Says:
    Ravenclaw is the tallest cos int that where they do astronomy??xx

    Uhh no. They do astronomy on the Astronomy Tower, funnily enough…

  24. Horcrux Citizen Says:
    In order to close the comments, I’m going to paste all the comments in the post body, I hate to do it but this post generates some 300+ spam comments daily.