Who will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor in book 7? It is one of the most popular questions in book 7 speculation, right up there with is Snape good, is Dumbledore really dead, and will Harry ever hook up with Hermione. With regard to the DADA professor, I say:


1) The foreshadowing throughout the series suggests it. Some examples: in book 3, when Harry is in Lupin’s office talking to DD after Lupin has left it goes on about: Harry takes the chair Lupin has just left. In book 6 in the pensieve we hear of voldemort being denied the professorship because he is too young, and we see Dumbledore denying him the job (because he knows what LV has become). For the storyline, nothing will make LV angrier than Harry being singled out as being so gifted that he can fill the job at his young age.

2) He has to come back to school. He has said he won’t come back and something extraordinary will have to happen to get him back. The request that he teach DADA would be extraordinary.

3) He already taught DADA in book 5. Some Hogwarts parents will already have learned this, and others will be told by the ones who know who will give testimonials like: He was the best teacher, he taught Neville how to do a shield charm and Neville made it through the fight at the Ministry. Parents and others will be saying, in this new dangerous environment, our children need to learn from the only one who has proven he can fight against LV. Add to that their desire that he be there to protect Hogwarts in the absense of DD.

4) Because I believe DD anticipated the possibility of his death, I think he will have prepared an instruction for McGonnagal or someone indicating tht it needs to be done. The downside to this part of the theory is – why wouldn’t this have already come out in the end of book 6. If he left a note, we should have already heard about it, but maybe I’ll be right on this one too.

5) My farthest out, crazy speculation is that I think we will see some magic at Hogwarts you have to be a teacher to enter into – something that will have been denied LV, but which Harry will be able to take advantage of, because of this “credential”

6) because the job is cursed (no one can stay more than a year)
and Harry is the one who can break the curse.

OK more than 2 cents, that was probably a nickels worth.