July 2006

OK, this is a bit far out and freaky and I haven’t tried to state it succinctly before, but here goes.

First, I dont’ think JK has spent countless hours developing a children’s story about the clash of good and evil to have good done in in the end by evil, I see several possibilities but they revolve around tried and true literary themes.

If the story represents one go round in a Cycle Of Clashes Between Good and Evil, then Dumbledore previously had a mentor, just as he is mentor to Harry. His triumph over “the dark wizard Grendelwald” or whatever it is that it says on his chocolate frogs card was his life turning point, changing him from hero to Merlin-like figure. Likewise the former dark lord’s defeat cleared the way for Voldemort to become the current dark lord with Snape as his protege in waiting. Because Dumbledore understood this cycle, he recruited Snape to secretly defeat Voldemort so that Snape can become the new Dark Lord for the next cycle. The conflict which results in the defeat of th Dark Lord will transform Harry into the next mentor for good, who will have to find the hero who can defeat Snape when his powers are fully realized. (how slytherin-y this would be, Snape going to any length, even the doing of good, to attain his evil ends).

If this is the Story of the Self Sacrificing Hero (think Christ themes), then Harry must die for the defeat of the Dark Lord but he and/or Dumbledore will somehow defeat death through the power of love. His “spell” to kill Voldemort entails his own death, but somehow, he emerges beyond death showing us that the “power the dark lord knows not” is the ultimate magic.

The Last Missing Piece theme – here we have been told time and again the four houses must unite to save Hogwarts (read defeat the Dark Lord), but where is the help from Slytherin? My answer is that Slughorn finally turns the tide. Here is where comes to play the importance of Harry having “lilly’s eyes,” when Slughorn overcomes his own natural incinations, nurtures harry through the last hurdles, and brings along the reluctant Slytherin students at Hogwarts into a “unity” that makes the forces of good which defeat Voldemort in the end a ‘whole, greater than the sume of their parts.”

OK, clearly I’ve been giving this way to much thought. =P

by jason on myspace, thread, how will harry get strong enough to defeat voldemort

Well, the three [other] starters of Hogwarts (Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Godric Gryffindor) knew [when he left] that Salazar Slytherin’s heir would return to finish Slytherin’s work. So, to protect the muggle-born students and stop Voldemort they started new schools. Ravenclaw started up Dumstrang. and Hufflepuff started Beaux Batons where they had children. Ravenclaw’s decendent, Viktor Krum. and Hufflepuff’s, Fleur Delacour. If you read the Goblet of Fire, you realize how both Viktor and Fleur fit the description that the sorting hat gives about both houses. Krum- strong, he knows dark magic but unlike Slytherin knows when and when not to use it. Fleur, not the sharpest tool in the shed, good with magic but when it comes to a challenge she comes up shy. Which would have to make Harry the heir of Gryffindor.

Now you have to think,  why did Voldemort go after Harry and not Neville. Because of the info we’re gonna get in the next book. And what secrets about Hogwarts did Voldemort want to figure out so bad that he wanted to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Dumbledore specifically said he wanted to come back to find out the rest of the secrets [of Hogwarts] which means Dumbledor knows Voldemort already found some. He found out that Harry was the heir of Gryffindor. And he wanted to find out who the other heirs are. Voldemort knows to be able to rule the world and get rid of all muggles like he wants to he has to be able to get rid of all the other heirs. And the reason Harry has to kill him and not the other heirs is because Slytherin and Gryffindor were the best, the strongest, only diffrence one was good and one was evil. But yes Harry is going to wipe the floor with Voldemort he will be trained by Victor and Fleur and others. Because Dumbledore was a smart man he knew he was gonna die. Any one who was strong enough to prevent the battle between Harry and Voldemort would die. And Dumbledore would had made sure when he went there were others to teach Harry.

The reason Harry is going to win is not because its his book and not because he is stronger. I feel it will be an equal fight from both sides but Harry’s rage will help him win. Voldemort, who has no friends, he makes people think they’re his friends but does’nt give a rats ass about them. Harry cares about each and every one of his friends. And every person in these books has a part in helping Harry thruoughout the years. Hermonie- her book smarts, Hagrid- helped with the basilisc and told them to follow the spiders, Dobby- gillyweed and the D.A. room, Dumbledore- enough said. Lupin- helped with the dementors.

But one person out of all helped the most and will be the one in danger in the next book which puts Harry in his rage and helps him win. Ron- Harry’s best friend, the boy who accepted him not because he was famous but because he liked him and gave Harry a family that Harry always wanted and even though he lives under Harry’s shadow and wants to be well known like Harry and a great wizard like Harry he will always stay in the shadow just because he will always be there for Harry.

So Voldemort’s final mistake will be to hurt the person Harry cares about most for the last time when Harry is powerful enough to kill Voldemort. And Voldemort will rue the day he tried to f*** with Harry’s best friend. Yeah, well i think thats how the next book will be but I love to hear things other people think and things I may have over looked so if you have an idea send me a message. When trying to figure out what’s gonna happen remember, every person J.K. Rowling brings into her books has a purpose. And even if they’re missing from a book and you know they’re not dead, there is a strong possibility that they will be back to help out Harry for his last fight. On a closing note, Malfoy is such a loser.

Additions by the Horcrux Citizen

I’m quite taken with Jason’s theory of the heirs of the founders. All along I have tried to sort out something like this concept – assigning different people to different characteristics of the founders. For a long time I’ve thought that Hermione represents Ravenclaw (clever), and Ron represents Hufflepuff (enither the bravest nor the smartest but loyal and true. Not to take away from Jason’s theory, because I believe he has unearthed some important pointers to how things need to develop in book 7, but the notion of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff going abroad to found other wizarding schools is fully assumed – there is no evidence I can discover in the books which would indicate this. And in one area I see an imbalance – the founders were two witches and two wizards, but this theory gives us three wizards and one witch in the “end battle of the heirs.” Be that as it may, let’s take the clues that are given us in the books and movies and see if we can make something more of this theory.

Giving additional importance to the Tri-Wizard tournament certainly makes for literary sense, if nothing else. What symbols can be hidden here. The Goblet of Fire itself is a “powerful magical object” and an impartial judge. The Goblet selects four (like the founders) champions.

An aside: when I see sets of four, I tend to want to divide them into the four classic pagan categories or Fire (Tarot swords, strength/martial power), Air (Tarot wands/sticks/batons, wisdom), Water (Tarot Cups, love), and Earth (Tarot pentacles/coins, riches). Each of these is a kind of power, each is associated with certain astrological signs, each could be associated with the four houses, the four tri-wizard entrants – and numbers of other fours in the books.

Fleur Delacour (my French is worse than abysmal, but this looks to me like Flower of the Heart) is from Beaux Batons (Good Wands). She is part Veela – maybe this gives her an extra dose of love, it certanly makes her the kind of “part-human” Dolores Umbridge so hates. She must be the “love” corner of this square.

Viktor Krum was set up from the start to be the one with strength. Viktor is the “victor” – unfortunately I can’t shed any light on what Durmstrang might mean (strang-strength?).

That leaves Cedric and Harry. Since Harry doesn’t really display much wisdom, either in book 4 or anywhere else in the series (ok, flame away you Harry fans), I give Cedric the nod for Wisdom and Harry the riches – as we’ve seen in his vault, and as the winnings flow his way, this makes some sort of sense.

What about the 4 houses? Ravenclaw, whose symbol is a Raven and whose quality is cleverness seems to fit Wisdom although the other aspect of the element of air is rulership – which Slytherin seeks. Hufflepuff’s symbol is a badger – very earthy – but is characterized by love sort of watery considerations. Griffendor is strong (and we find his sword prominent in book 2), but is also smart (his hat figures prominently throughout). Slytherin is cunning (air) and passes great riches to his heirs (earth). All in all it is much harder for me to sort out the founders and the houses.

What could this portend for Book 7. We seem to be certain to see more of Fleur since she is to marry Bill Weasley early in the last volume. Viktor, although he hasn’t re-appeared, has not entirely disappeared from the books since number 4 either, appearing as Hermione’s correspondent. To me, these pairings give the most credence to Jason’s theory, since I associate Hermione with Ravenclaw, and Ron (and the Weasley’s in general) with Hufflepuff (symbolically – you don’t need to tell me they are one and all Griffendors).

I’ve made more of a hash of this than making sense, but am glad to be able to share Jason’s theory more widely.